HSSEQ - Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality

QMS - Policy Statement

The Company is dedicated to a quality policy that will ensure its products and services meet the requirements of its clients. We are committed to ensure adherence to and satisfaction of customers, other relevant interested parties and the continual improvement of the QMS by constantly reviewing elements of this policy for suitability during management review meetings.

QMS - Scope of the Organization

Condor Marine Services Limited has determined the boundaries and applicability of its Quality Management System in order to establish its scope. The organization takes into consideration planned or performed work activities; compliance obligations; organizational units and functions; physical boundaries; and its authority and ability to exercise control and influence.


Our company ethos is centred on delivering the highest quality in all that we do. Our vessels are modern and well-maintained; our support services are well-managed and cost-effective; our people are well-treated, well-rewarded and take pride in being part of a successful organisation.

As a company, and as individuals, we are committed to operating in compliance with the very highest standards anywhere in the offshore sector. Our vessels have successfully completed over 8,000 days at sea in Nigeria and West Africa with a commendable record of reliability and no serious accidents or harm to crew or charterers’ personnel on board during that time.

The company is monitored and arranged in accordance with Bureau Veritas guidance and standards, and will shortly complete the process to achieve ISO compliance to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 – Certified Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 - Certified Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 - Certified Occupational Health and Safety System


The safety of our onshore staff and our marine crews – and the safety of everyone around them - is of the very highest priority to this company.

Our people know that they will never be asked, and should never feel pressurised, to do anything that they feel is unsafe or ill-prepared.

All personnel are encouraged to speak out if they see anything which they consider to be dangerous, to report it or stop it.

They know that they will always have the support of the Company’s senior team if they act in good faith to prevent harm or injury.

Our people will be provided with the appropriate training, equipment and clothing to carry out any task they are asked to complete. They know they can speak up if they think any of these have been omitted.

Condor Marine is committed to a culture where safety is demonstrated by actions and results, not simply by words.

Our people know this and are encouraged to play their part.


We prize integrity in all its forms. We aim to be open, honest and transparent with our clients, partners and personnel, and to act in good faith at all times. We will do everything in our power to abide and comply with the relevant codes of practice, legislation and contractual responsibilities; we will not entertain or support any individual or organisation that does not share these same values, and we will move swiftly to investigate and challenge any instance that arises.


Everyone in our organisation plays an important part in the company’s success; from the most experienced Captain to the most junior member ashore, everyone contributes to the smooth and successful delivery of our services to clients. This is important; it develops important trust between our operators and support staff, and fosters a strong sense of purpose amongst the team.


We value success and will strive to ensure that we deliver it for our clients and partners, for ourselves as a team, and for our shareholders. We will not settle for mediocre or simply adequate outcomes, but will push hard throughout the company to execute our strategies and plans to the very highest standards.

The company is well-founded and built upon strong foundations, thus providing the conditions for success now and for many years to come.


We operate in a space where the timely and effective delivery of our services may be critical to the success or failure of our client’s own endeavours. In some cases, a failure on our part could place people and assets at severe risk, both physically and commercially.

From the outset, we are determined to be an organisation known for its dependability and reliability. We will do our utmost to ensure that we deliver on every promise we make; our people will be skilful, experienced and qualified, our vessels and equipment will be sound, reliable and well-maintained, and our management and control systems will be second to none in this sector.

Local Content

Ours is a Nigerian owned and operated company. Our vessel crews are 100% Nigerian seafarers, as are the vast majority of our office staff and shoreside support teams.

Wherever we bring in skills and experience from international resources, we follow a progressive training programme and succession plan to ensure that the post can be filled by a Nigerian man or woman in the near future.

We actively encourage schemes which allow us to share our knowledge and help people develop industry skills. This may be seen in our offers to interns amongst our support staff, and Cadet apprenticeships amongst our marine crews.

Our Services

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to plan and deliver services and projects of all sizes – from short-term ‘spot hires’ of vessels, equipment or specialist personnel, through to large scale project management comprising multiple stakeholders and long-term, multi-phase operational delivery.

In addition to the delivery of our own services and products, Condor Marine Services Ltd is well-placed to advise and support third party companies seeking to broaden ...

Our Vessels

Condor Marine Services Ltd is the sole agent and representative in West Africa for Admiral Offshore Ltd, a well-regarded international Vessel Operator, with a fleet of Damen 3307 Axebow Ships.

These are designated as Fast Crew Supply (FCS) and Fast Support Intervention Vessels (FSIV) and are renowned for their capabilities and versatility in support of offshore voyages and projects.

Vessels are regularly inspected and audited by our major IOC clients, and all have been approved for work with the Nigerian Navy when appropriate.

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